Über das Forum
About the Forum

German-Arab Scientific Forum for Environmental Studies


What does the Gasf for Environmental Studies stand for? The German-Arab Scientific Forum for Environmental Studies e. V. is an association of scientists of different scientific fields as well as of individuals and institutions sharing a common interest in the development of the German-Arab relations in the field of environmental questions. It was founded in Frankfurt/Main on September 3rd, 1999 in order to contribute to global environment protection and to international understanding. It has been registered at the 'Amtsgericht' in Frankfurt/Main under the registration number VR 11851. It has its seat in Frankfurt/Main.


What aim does the Gasf for Environmental Studies pursue? The aim of the Gasf for Environmental Studies is the active support and advancement of the German-Arab relations in the different fields of environmental research (ecological research, protection of the environment, ecological education, etc.). The Scientific Forum is a platform for information exchange and cooperation between scientists, national institutions and economic enterprises.

In addition, the Forum aims to inform the public in Germany and Arabic countries about the possibility of collaboration between the nations to solve environmental problems.


What tasks does the Gasf for Environmental Studies have? Because of the water shortage and the limited arable area the protection of the soil and the water are of great importance to the Arabic population. Private households, agriculture and industry increasingly pollute the soil and the ground water. In order to put a stop to this development the Gasf for Environmental Studies tries to inform the population by carefully-directed public relations and to enhance environmental consciousness. It supports and advances measures aiming at ecological education to be conducted at universities and schools in Arabic countries and the integration of ecological aspects into their regulations. In this context the Gasf for Environmental Studies strives for cooperation between German universities with experience in the field of environment protection and Arabic universities planning measures for ecological education. The Forum plans to organize study trips, practical training courses and research stays abroad as well as student exchange-programs focusing on environmental research and ecological education.


The Forum works as an agency or a partner of environmental projects in the Arabic countries. It is planning - among others - projects in the fields of ecological education and environmental protection. In  addition to that it tries to establish co-operative projects between German and Arab ecological organizations and environmental institutions. Here it especially aims at projects in the field of the protection of the soil and the water and the purity of the air.


The Forum offers consulting for individuals, associations and institutions relating to questions of environmental research. By organizing study trips, seminars and workshops the Forum pursues educational work and tries to establish contact with the institutions concerned in the respective regions in order to facilitate the cooperation and the exchange of information.